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BUNDLE 1 ~ Small Project ~

BUNDLE 1 ~ Small Project ~

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Finish your project in 3 simple steps....

1- Use our Extreme surface Cleaner to Remove dirt, oil, grime and de-gloss surface to create a the perfect base for our paint to bond to.

2- Apply Paint following wood grain in a thin layer technique. Allow to dry 15 minutes in between layers. when happy with coverage move to final step.

3- Apply Top Coat using our Round top coat Sponge applicator, follow wood grain applying it evenly and allow to dry for 25 minutes in between coats. ( for better durability apply a minimum of 2 coats per project



8 oz of Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint®  your favorite color!

8oz satin/matte topcoat 

8oz Extreme Surface cleaner

1 - small synthesis round brush  ( for Paint )

1 - Round Sponge applicator ( for topcoat ) 

1- Mist Spray Bottle



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