Rainbow Chalk is a zero VOC, USA made paint line that is specifically designed to restyle furniture and create the most velvety soft finish, that bonds to any surface with out sanding or primer.
50 gorgeous dynamic colours to choose from!

Using only our Extreme Cleaner Solution for the surface – that’s enough’  that is our prep motto.

Zero VOC’s means you can paint your dining room furniture – right in the dining room!
Rainbow Paint is incredibly forgiving to work with and an absolute dream to distress!

Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint all your DIY projects! Use Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint to reclaim endless DIY projects around your home, cottage or elsewhere! Use Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint on your previously finished wooden furniture for a fresh new look! Add some hand crafted style to pillowcases, curtains, woven baskets or upholstered chairs! Reclaim your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom cabinets with Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint for an incredibly rewarding DIY makeover! Use Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint to revive metal surfaces like filing cabinets, hardware, lamps and decorative accents! Water down your Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint to create a stain like effect on your raw wood and painted projects!





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